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Fully Integrated Real Estate Services - One Stop Shop Solution

Established to deliver the ultimate real estate solutions to our clients on an ongoing basis, Longton is dedicated to providing our clients with a vast array of integrated real estate services.

Our fully-owned company, Belong Realty, is your primary contact point, and will coordinate all aspects of your purchasing process. From buyer profile analysis, property matching services and post-settlement inspections, Belong Realty is always ready to help!

About Belong Realty

Finding the right property for you and your family can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Faced with thousands of choices, it’s hard to know where to start.

As a fully integrated real estate service provider, Belong Realty is established to deliver the ultimate solutions and values to our clients. We provides a variety of real estate services, from single transactions to multiple consecutive services.

Belong Realty takes a unique approach when it comes to providing real estate services to the clients. To best serve the needs of your property search, we have developed the cutting-edge Property Matching Matrix that helps you find the perfect property by matching your individual needs and requirements with the key attributes of different property on the market.

Across the entire spectrum of the property buying experience, our clients enjoy the benefits of the Belong’s red carpet service. We also provide additional services to meet all of your property needs, such as property management, and property resell.

For more information about Belong Realty’s services, please visit http://www.belongrealty.com.au/