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Our Philosophy

At Longton, we treat property development as a serious business. The value of a residential development is way more than what’s reflected in its price point. Our properties are homes for our clients – and as such, their standard and quality will have a huge impact for many years. We are fully aware of the importance of property development in today’s world, and at Longton we do not compromise on the quality or standard of development, no matter what.

Longton is not satisfied with what the industry is currently delivering and therefore we are constantly challenging the standard of apartment living in Australia. We believe that the new era of apartment living in Australia has started. In today’s highly competitive world, the old standard of ‘good enough’ is well and truly redundant. Today, residents look to property developers for a high-quality lifestyle. At Longton, our entire business structure and its underlying philosophy is all about fulfilling this mission.

All Longton apartments are equipped with smart home automation and technology. These systems not only bring convenience and comfort to your life – they also enhance the energy efficiency and safety of your home. Our philosophy is that technology will only add value if it is simple and efficient. Home Automation is accessed via your iPad, and with the touch of a finger. One of our recent major developments is the myiButler™ system. This app empowers Longton residents to have all daily shopping and domestic services delivered to their building or their own home.

All-round Customer Service is a central component of delivering the Longton lifestyle. Once you have become part of a Longton development, our team provides a ‘one stop shop’ solution to assist with ongoing property management and reselling.

Quality & Design

Longton believe that well designed spaces that are thoughtfully planned and executed enhance your lifestyle. That’s why at Longton, we challenge the current standard of apartment living by setting lifestyle trends through a combination of pure luxury, sophisticated technologies and comprehensive services. Longton apartments reflect this and an exclusive lifestyle where luxury meets technology featuring a fully integrated home automation system, myiButler and a dedicated social media.

From the outset of Longton’s establishment, we have focused on providing the very best residential development and to our clients. Longton residents will enjoy an exclusive lifestyle with quality & design our apartments. By cleverly balancing interior space with external aspects, living at Longton Apartment will be an exceptional experience.

An apartment should feel like a stylish home whatever its scale. Longton apartments will suit a range of lifestyle options. The interiors present a stylish and urban contemporary aesthetic, offering lifestyle and privacy and with premium finishes, creating an extraordinary place to live. Living the true ‘designer lifestyle’ dream is never easier than when moving into a Longton apartment.

Longton apartment are been designed with timeless elegance and appeal. Materials selected are always beautiful but importantly, also highly functional. Everything must work to enhance the owners enjoyment of their home and to create an easy care, stress free living environment. With our goal to create a resort style ambiance with a uniquely urbane aesthetic.

The landscape strategy proposes an integrated approach to environmental and social sustainability to create a dynamic residential community. All spaces intend to be tangible and flexible to service the needs of its user. Either creating an exciting and interesting path of travel, a quiet area for reflection, an open gathering space for interaction or recreation. Centrally located, and visually accessed by all residents, the communal open space will be the heart of the development.


Technological advancement or leap has become a common phenomenon. The property development industry, however, has historically been conservative, and in many ways this still holds true. In contrast, Longton takes a responsive and firmly customer-oriented approach. We stand in the forefront of the times when it comes to innovation.

Our highly capable R&D team are leaders in innovation. Sourcing and assessing the latest technology from around the world, they adapt and implement cutting-edge technologies that will vastly improve our residents’ quality of life. Striving for excellence is the drive behind Longton’s development of the myiButler™ System and home automation.

At Longton, our initiative to always challenge the status quo and to constantly seek innovation is the driving force that keeps us at the forefront of the property development industry. Staying innovative and responsive to clients’ needs requires constant vigilance and a readiness to evaluate and challenge what we have already achieved. This dynamic approach to constantly evolving our technologies is one of Longton’s guiding principles.

Being part of a Longton development is a journey. At Longton, handing over the apartment to our client is a starting point, not an endpoint. We have a dedicated team assisting Longton residents with an array of property needs including building services, home automation and myiButler™ service issues. Our professional support team is committed to delivering attentive, timely and friendly customer service to all Longton residents.

Our Approach

From the outset of Longton’s establishment, we have focused on providing the very best residential development and real estate services to our clients. Whether our clients are purchasing a Longton apartment in which to live, or looking for an alternative residential development, we are committed to ensuring that everyone finds the property that best suits their needs. At Longton, we are committed to a customer-oriented approach. Genuine and enduring customer satisfaction is our goal – now and always.


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